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About Daily Fantasy Sports Analysts

We are a team of Web Developers and Data Analysts who constantly play FanDuel and DraftKings to win! We strongly believe in data analytics and how it helps us succeed! We wanted to spread our dfs FanDuel and DraftKings knowledge and the wealth to all Daily Fantasy Sports players. The goal is to help the community win and create better lineups as a group!

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We will provide you with all the most up to date fantasy sports data you will ever need to build your daily fantasy lineup!

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Analyzing Stats to the fullest!

We color-code favorable stats so you can identify players you like. Search for your favorite player or filter by game, position, or salary.

NFL - We Analyze important factors such as Defense vs Position, opportunity stats (for example pass attempts, rush attempts along with targets), performance stats (for instance passing yards per attempt, rushing yards per attempt, and receiving yards per target), projected fantasy points, expected vegas points scored, recent performance, salary changes, projected ownership and much more!

NBA - We Analyze important factors such as projected minutes, pace of the game, usage rate per possession, points per each minute they're on the court, projected team score along with total game score, points and value projections, how many fantasy points the opposing team gives up at each position, recent performance, salary changes, projected ownership and much more!

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Our team has built top notch analytics that are comparable to the biggest companies in the daily fantasy sports industry!


DFS Analysts will provide you with the tools you need to build a successful Fanduel or Draftkings lineup!

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We have built a winning community here at DFS Analysts and would love to spread the wealth to others!

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Our goal is to make our sports data as user friendly as possible!


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